Vacuum Tube VT-700 series

The VT-700 range combines
vacuum tubes with Avalon's
all discrete Class A circuits.

VT-737sp vacuum tube pre combo unit

VT-700 features:

Vacuum tube and discrete design
Ideal for DAW and digital recording
Wide range of tube tone and control
Excellent value for performance
Rugged Avalon construction

Pure Class A  AD2000 Series

The AD2000 range is Pure Class A,
100% discrete, highest performance.

V55 dual mono mic preamp, DI, RE-AMP

AD2000 features:

100% discrete, Pure Class A design
High definition, minimal signal paths
Fully balanced, +30dB headroom
Musical and transparent
Reference quality for Mastering

VT-737SP - Direct Recording Channel
VT-747SP- Stereo Compressor / EQ

AD2022 - Dual-Mono Preamplifier
AD2044 - Opto-Compressor
AD2055 - Parametric Equalizer
AD2077 - Mastering Equalizer
U5 - Direct Instrument Preamplifier
M5 - Microphone Preamplifier
V5 - MIC-DI-RE-AMP Preamp
V55 - Dual Mono MIC Pre-DI-RE-AMP


ACCESSORIES - rack kits, tubes, vent panels, t-shirts and more...

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