Love Files

The following are a compilation of selected quotes from Avalon users.  These quotes came from emails, faxes, letters, and user registration cards.  One word that runs throughout these quotes is "Love" and hence . . ."The Love Files."

Here comes the Love . . .


  • Thanks again for all of your help. I will ship the unit this weekend. It is really impressive to see a company stand behind their products, much less offer the kind of service you are providing. Makes me want to replace all of my other gear with Avalon products!

    ~ Ric M., NY


  • If this compressor were any smoother, it would be called the "pimp" comp. (Vt-747sp)

    ~Pierre S., PA


  • My thoughts of the U5, Wow,! As a player who has been traveling the US for live performances, doing clinics in the North West and starting this summer I will be going to Europe, I am beyond pleased as to the sounds I get from the U5. When a sound tech tells you that all he wanted to do was turn me up because my tone was so killer, I think that says it all. Job well done!

    ~Eric B., OR

  • I have had the Vt-737sp for just over a month now, and I am extremely impressed with the results. The difference between my other units is night and day. Thanks for creating such a wonderful tool.

    ~Byron H., FL

  • I'm thrilled. I feel like a king having a pair in my private studio. (Vt-737sp)

    ~Bill J., NY

  • I'm a new owner so everyday is something new. The Vt-737sp is the best sound I've ever worked with.

    ~William F., NY

  • This is the very best channel strip in the world! I love the warmth it's adding to my DAW. (Vt-737sp)

    ~Kenny H., KY

  • The M5 and AD2022 are easily the best mic pre's I have ever heard! Thanks for a great product.

    ~Tom Z., CA

  • Looks great, sounds incredible! Beautiful piece of equipment. (AD2022)

    ~Neil, F., CA

  • I've only used my new Vt-747sp for a few days and I'm speechless! It is the fatest and cleanest sounding piece I've ever heard! Thanks!

    ~Scott S., Email

  • I am now the proud owner of a Vt-747sp And a U5 DI box. I am using the 747 as a mastering tool in my sound system. The effect has been dramatic. I even have ordinary punters telling me the sound is great. Best wishes from Ireland.

    ~Tony H., Ireland

  • Dear Avalon Design: I'm using your Vt-737sp which is one hell of a unit! The outstanding EQ there just gives life to any source I'm playing through!!! And I want to say thank you so very much for your extraordinary service!!! I had a problem with one of the parts of the unit and I received new parts in 10 days ( I live in Israel)!!! What can possibly be wrong with products made by a company that believes their units are pieces of art. And like a good artist that takes it personally, if there is a small scratch made on one of his paintings, he treats his product like statues that has to be in not less than absolutely perfect condition!!! I've never seen such a thing , thank you!!! Love & tons of respect.

    ~Aran La, Israel

  • My U5 rocks!!

    ~Blake B., MT

  • Thank you for making such incredible gear!! (M5)

    ~Joe W., CA

  • The U5 is the best DI ever!

    ~Patrick B., Canada

  • Incredible!! We love it! (Vt-737sp)

    ~Paul B. NY

  • I just finished a project where I ran the mix through the Vt-747sp on its way to the Alesis Masterlink and I was just floored! It was the most outrageous experience of audible air. I can't wait to start using it to track my keyboards!

    ~Tom F., MN

  • Awesome product (Vt-737sp) and great service! I WILL buy more Avalon products!

    ~Paul S., CA

  • The Vt-737sp is the best product of any nature I have ever purchased!

    ~Alfred G., PA


  • It's now two weeks since I got my first VT737sp. I'm surprised I was able to wait this long to get the second really is that good. In fact, the most difficult task ahead will be to discover applications where I WON'T be using them. If you guys made keyboards, I'd be in really big trouble! Thanks again.

    ~John H., NY

  • Thanks for the very best VT 747sp, it's my favorite compressor! And a kiss from France.

    ~Arnaud H., France

  • We just bought another 737 and I just want to say it is the most versitle, quality product I have used in a long time. The snare drum sounds I get with the 737 are nothing short of amazing, and the bass guitar through the DI is phenomenal. thanks!

    ~LB, email

  • I own a lot of gear; for what it's worth this VT-737SP is the best investment I ever made.

    ~Kevin L., NY

  • Having believed (wrongfully) that much of the buzz about Avalon was hype and audio snobbery, I bypassed purchasing one thinking I wasn't missing anything. A recent and quick visit to Sam Ash proved what an idiot I was. Not only does the unit improve the character of pretty much any mic, but even direct sources and synths take on new life. The preamp is full of character, the compressor is (seemingly contradictory) virtually transparent and yet able to tame the wildest signal you throw at it, and the EQ is almost a musical instrument in itself! The unit seems to have been built to withstand a moonshot.
    I use the 737 as a front-end for an Akai DPS24 recorder, itself a great it's worldclass. It's clear now that another 737 is in the cards for stereo source tracking as well as mixdown. Many Thanks.

    ~John H., NY

  • I have been using those so-called "pro compressors" for many years, but I have decided to go full "World Class" and after several months of research I selected your AD2044 as one of the tools I had to have. I have only had the opportunity to use it for a couple of hours now. I must tell you that the sound of your unit is spectacular. It is everything that I expected. Drop dead quiet, absolutely transparent, and full frequency response even during heavy "squeezing". I will highly recommend Avalon to anyone.

    ~J.W. Bettendorf, IA


  • Wow!! What an impression you all have made on me. Avalon has always given incredible telephone support and now I've had the opportunity to be blown away by your service. Your company is a class act and thanks for treating my gear as if it was your mother's. Continued success!

    ~Ralph H., TX


  • We just put in the two U5 DI's today. They sound great. The improvement on the bass is remarkable Thanks for such a great product.

    ~Bennoit G., FL


  • I've been running a private studio for a few years. I've never written a manufacturer before, and I'm also sure you have more testamonials than you'll ever need. But I just had to tell you this. Actually, I'm telling everybody. I bought an AD2022, two Vt-737sp, and a Vt-747sp. I rack mounted them, and have been jamming my keyboards and mics through them for two days straight. Everything from a pair of M149 down to a RS knockoff of an SM58. I simply can't believe what I hear. It's absolutely amazing. I can go warm-warmer-warmest, or crystal clear transparency, or cross fade between them. But of course, you knew this already. Your gear is without equal. Thanks from a very satisfied customer.

    ~Ray H., AZ


  • Avalon you bastards! You knew if I used your M5 preamp I'd have to buy another one! How on earth could I record anything stereo with only one Avalon M5? I tried using the preamp in my rack (which will remain nameless) and the difference between my old preamp and the M5 was like a hang glider racing an F14. And I'm suppose to thank you? Now I have to buy all of your gear! Ah, you guys are clever! I can see you at your board meetings now. "We'll give every engineer in the world one free piece of gear and then, they'll be hooked!" Well damn it! It worked!

    ~Jace S., CA (Avalon Story Winner - M5)


  • Now that we have the U5, I feel sexier in public and have found the confidence to overcome my fears of live erotic dancing.

    ~Clayton, Australia

  • Recently, after receiving my U5, I went with my friend to his church so we could try it out and see what it could do. The very first thing he said to me was, and I quote, "That's it? That's what you've been waiting for, for two weeks?" I ignored this little reply and continued to plug in my silver box. We played for about 30 minutes before it was time to leave. The last thing my friend said to me was, "You can't play a bad note through that thing!" Looks can be deceiving! I knew what the Avalon was all about, and now he does too.

    ~Mikal S., email

  • Hello from the desert. Just a quick note to let you know the Avalon 737sp came through again for myself and cohorts on a project studio recording - also we gave the 747 a try for the first time (now we're spoiled). We used it on some various instrumentation and in particular on a bass guitar and it was stellar! One of the other guys had another compressor unit and we compared it to the 747 and there was no contest. The other unit was like a damn toy in comparison! (We held our tongues around the owner of the other unit).

    Anyway two of the guys chipped in to buy one 747 unit together...can you see where that is going... I'm going to sit back and watch the comedy that I'm sure will unfold there.... To hear them talk about it already sounds like two guys rivaling over the same girl - so funny. I hope all is going well with you - from myself and on behalf of my recording friends, Best to you!

    ~Dean H, Email

  • I've been using the 2022's on some very intense voice over sessions for Hyperion. These things sound incredible! It's like a straight wire with gain from the mic to the monitors, totally neutral. They handle the dynamic range better than any pre I've used. Given the other complications I deal with on this gig, the 2022's are the one rock solid piece of gear that I can absolutely rely upon. Thanks for saving my ass!

    ~Dan, CA

  • We're still on the road. Just leaving Japan now. Terry's been using the Vt-737sp on my vocal and is thrilled. He even A-B'd it with another unit by a name manufacturer and was suitably impressed. Made his job easier...and made me sound like a much better singer than I really am.

    ~David Byrne, On tour via email

  • I can't thank you enough!! I've been reading about your gear for a long time but couldn't really afford it. I saw that Kipner and Frank were using Avalon gear in Christina Aguilera's video Genie Gets Her Wish, so I thought I should check in deeper. I started reading what magazines had to say and went to your web site. After I read all the love files I had to hear Avalon for myself. A local dealer let me check out the Vt-737sp over the weekend. I was floored by the sound and practically jumped out of my seat with excitement. All the years and gear I went through trying to acheive the sound on the big records was finally in my hands. The mystery was no longer there. I've learned many tricks over the years and got good results with the knowledge I've gained... but I'm a perfectionist. Everyone said - it sounds great man - put it out - but I knew it was lacking something. I recorded some vocals with my Vt-737 with a Neumann m147 and it sounds un-god-damn believable!! Now everyone hears the difference and understands what I was talking about. Finally! When I first started looking at your gear I thought I couldn't afford it. But after hearing it, I can't afford not to have it. I think anyone who's serious about the quality of their sound should be using Avalon gear! I'm going to have a rack full by the time I'm done.

    Also, your customer service is just as awsome as your gear! I'm an Avalon fan from now on! I don't usually buy hats or shirts from my gear manufacturers but I'd like to buy yours if they are available. I'd wear them proud. Thanks again.

    ~Mike V., MN

  • Let me say that my Avalon 737 is AMAZING. My friend Ken recomended it to me. I was playing some spanish guitar on one of his records one day, and he said here's what the Avalon sounds like. I bought mine that week. Great work.

    ~Scott V., Email

  • I gotta tell you guys: your gear ROCKS !!! It sounds so good. On my next record I'll put AVALON on the credits for sure. Please say thanks to everybody at Avalon. The first time I used an Avalon was back in 1995. I used to work for Steve Vai as a second Engineer and guitar player and he had an Avalon U5 DI... One of the first units I think. Since then I have been addicted. Thanks again for your support. Take care. Peace.

    ~Serj J., Brazil

  • I must say that the sonic performance of this compressor is truly superb, even more remarkable because of it's very reasonable price.

    The AD2044 has virtually no sound character of it's own when used with a light touch in CD mastering. It does simply amazing things for the bass and for male voices, but can also warm things up if pushed a bit harder. In cases where the mix is good to begin with, and my tube compressor would add too much of it's own special sound to be appropriate, this thing really is a great choice. If you can only own one analog compressor, I don't think anyone can possibly go wrong choosing this one!

    Thanks for a terrific, affordable product.

    ~Bob S., Email

  • The following is an answer to a question made on newsgroup.
    Question: What DI can you recommend?
    Answer: I have had and used all of them. And I'll tell you what I think:
    Brand x ($575 list) = okay, mediocre, kind of dull, but not bad for synths and stuff like that.
    Brand y (529 list) = yiiich!!! Decent for bass but overall pretty weak, boring dull, sounds a step above a $29 DI.


    The U5 is the greatest DI box in the world, it is world class and sounds absolutely incredible. It is the best for guitar (I am a guitar/bass player). It is also the best for electric bass. It also does amazing things for standup bass with built in pickups. By far the best DI and the best bang for your buck at the same time

    ~Josh B., newsgroup

  • Just want to let you know I went ahead and purchased the 2044 compressor to go with my 2055 EQ. I had actually been waiting on a pair of Distressors which had been on back order for several months. I was so pleased with the 2055 that I took a chance and went ahead with the 2044. What a channel strip! I've only had the compressor for a week, but during that week I've used it on a techno production, Solo piano and pop vocal, and a classical project with piano, mezzo sop, and soprano, recorded live. Wow! When combining the EQ and Compressor in a variety of stages through out the recording process the sound is taking on a whole new level. The compressor sounded so awsome on the two vocalists, it's beyond description. I recorded them through a pair of C12VR's, with an Aphex 1100 mic pre, through Apogee converters. I then bussed the two channels to the EQ and compressor, and processed them. I then processed the whole mix again through the 2044 and 2055. The finished product is sonically (not necessilarly the performance) without a doubt the best thing I have ever done. The soprano has a masters from Manhatten School of Music in vocal performance. She is simply blown away with the sound. The Avalon's delivered a finished product with superb beauty and control, without sacrificing any of the intimate detail.

    This is a good thing as my wife has a doctorate in Vocal Performance. She hates compressors. She finally has heard a compressor that she likes. This is a good thing because she was not thrilled about spending this much money on two boxes. She now has seen the light. Hopefully she'll let me purchase the 2022 Mic pre!

    Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the product. Just wish I had 16 channels of it.

    Again thanks for the advice. I guess it's pretty much a no brainer. buy the best equipment, get awsome sound, no sweat, live longer, etc!

    ~Les S. Email


  • Whoooaaaaahhthpht#**%$##@!!!! Words fail. I must alter my will to include instructions to make room in my casket for my Vt-747sp.

    ~Shawn K., California

  • Flexible dynamic control, sweet EQ and pristine clarity = mix buss heaven! (Vt-747sp)

    ~Chris S., OH


  • Sound, function and looks are lovely! This device has made a huge noticable difference in recording voices and instruments. (Vt-737sp)

    ~David K., KY


  • A year and a half ago I purchased 737SP for my project studio. What can I say... It's a fabulous piece of gear. Recently I completed and released on CD my album "Guitar Stories". I'm fond of this work. My Avalon mic preamp was an integral part of the sound chain in my album. I would like to send my album to you as a gift. That's the best way to express my gratitude.

    When you spend countless hours in your tech lab perfecting your full-metal jacket babies it's nice sometimes to get in return some music directly from the guy to whom your product became a weapon of choice. Thank you.

    ~Yuri B., Russia


  • Hello out there. I need a RM-1 rackmount kit for my newly purchased, completely incredible, unbelievably dynamic, hopelessly appreciated U5 DI. I absolutely love the tone and touch of this piece! It will sit proudly in my bass rig for the rest of my player's life!

    Thanks for your products. My U5 has made me realize the potential of all of my bass equipment. More importantly, it is helping me to realize my own potential as a bass player. You and your work are greatly appreciated. Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon.

    ~Jeff P., AZ


  • I new I was going to like it, I just didn't know how well! I love it! (U5)

    ~Randall S., OH

  • Hello there. I am an artist on Island/def jam records. I used the Vt-737sp as a preamp for my bass on our record which will be out this fall. I liked the sound so much that I got rid of my bass pre amp and replaced it with the Vt-737sp. Now I'm using it in my live rig. The sound is amazing!

    ~Markku, Los Angeles


  • Hi my name is Ken, I recently bought an Ultra Five and figured I'd use it on stage ( I go directly into the P.A. system). I was immediately impressed with the sound. I use flatwound strings on my 78 Jazz bass and couldn't believe how smooth and clear the U5 produced my sound through the P.A. Thanks guys for such a good product!

    ~Ken B., NJ


  • Sounds even BETTER than I expected! (Vt-737sp)

    ~Nelson S., New York


  • > Wow!! Acoustic guitar has never been better to listen to... magical! (U5)

    ~Adam B., California


  • As an owner of a high end project studio I have the responsibility to deliver top quality sound to my clientele. After purchasing the Vt-737sp I was very happy to hear the difference it made in recording vocals. After I ran some bass, percussion and acoustic guitar tracks through it I became a believer in Avalon. Not only did each recorded track sound closer to the instrument's source, but the overall track sound was "warm" and "round". I was somewhat scared though when it came time to record a female vocalist who always ran into the red. Prior to owning a 737 my hand was constantly riding the gain on my previous mic pre. Now with the compressor and the mic pre on the 737 working hand in hand I can relax and listen to the performance and not watch the level.

    The Avalon Vt-737sp has made recording much easier and has made my studios sound first class. Months after all this I have become an unpaid endorser in Avalon. The website is very, very informative, easy to get around and an example of professionalism. Come to think of it: Sort of how I view my 737.

    Last week, an associate of mine asked me about mic pre's and he said he wanted the Avalon but couldn`t afford the $. He wanted to get some cheap imitation. I told him to wait and save up for the 737. I told him to check out the website and put off on that other piece. I never felt stronger about a piece of gear than I do for the 737. Keep up the great work and thank you!

    ~Ernest B., New York


  • The studio where I work has an AD2077 Mastering EQ and two AD2044 Compressors. The AD2077 sounds warm with tight bass. It makes me feel like God is rubbing my belly. I listened to the AD2044 stereo compressor on drum room mics and as a stereo bus compressor recently. It sounds very smooth or you can make it pump if you want. Squashing does not attenuate bass and treble does not sound harsh. Both the AD2077 and AD2044 are world class!

    ~Bob G., Canada

  • The U5 would be a steal at twice the price. It's the holy grail for bass guitar.

    ~Daniel S., NJ

  • I'm very impressed with this processsor. I'll definitely buy another one. (Vt-737sp)

    ~Jeff W., CA

  • I borrowed a U5 to use on bass for Tower of Power. The very next day I ran out and bought it.

    ~Andy M., CA

  • I've been using the U5 on local gigs and have received some nice compliments from local players. They can't believe that the U5's preset EQ is the only tonal control I'm using. My '64 J-Bass with flatwounds, U5, Stewart 2.1, and an Eden 4X10" is killing - best tone I've ever had!

    ~Scott S., CA

  • 3 out of 4 engineers chose the AD2055 over my other high end EQ.

    ~Jim S., IL

  • A bass minimalists' dream come true! (U5)

    ~Alvaro R., TX

  • I have recently been recording Alanis M. with the AD2022. I don't need to use EQ or compression on the way in. Just the AKG C12 through the AD2022 and straight to tape. I've been completely blown away! It is perfectly balanced and crystal clear with ultra fast transients in the low end. Amazing detail! Alanis immediately noticed a difference in her headphones when we first plugged the AD2022 in. Thank you very much. It's the best mic pre I have ever heard.

    ~Rob J., CA

  • I'm having lots of fun recording now. The mystery is gone! It has been a seemingly never ending journey trying to achieve "THAT" sound. You know the one I mean. Finally with the help of two Vt-737sp's I've finally got it! Thank you Avalon!

    ~Jeff M., CA

  • I just wanted to give you a brief report now that I've lived with the Vt-737sp for a while. In short, I am totally in love with it. I'm using it on everything, even my toaster oven. In the past couple of days I've tracked some guitars, bass and keyboards with it. My first impression was that it makes stuff instantly sound like it's recorded in an expensive studio instead of on my humble (but mighty) Yamaha AW4416. As far using it with my live bass rig, the 737 sounds so much better than any bass-specific preamp out there it's not even funny (and I've owned just about all of them). Also, it's a new thing for me to have an EQ section where adjustments of 1 or 2 notches actually make a big difference. It's easily the best "real world" EQ for bass I've used. I'm still in the process of dialing in the compressor but I've already found it can provide just the right amount of squeeze - it seems to be able to fatten things up without being obtrusive. Anyway, I feel like the 737 is the best audio investment I've made in years. Thank you

    ~Alan D., CA

  • The Vt-737sp is perfect for warming up those dreary digital tracks. I love it!

    ~Linda T., CA

  • I liked the Vt-737sp so much, I bought a Vt-747sp twenty-four hours later.

    ~Bill L., CA

  • I am an English Recording Engineer/Producer and I love my 737sp. I try to use it on everything. It's fantastic on vocals and bass (really warm and smooth.) I can't wait until my fiance' allow me to purchase your AD2044 stereo compressor.

    ~John K., London, UK

  • The Avalon U5 is the most expensive sounding gear in my production company under $600. It sounds like a $2,000 machine. Wow!!! Amazing, stunning and fulll of power. Not to mention the sonic excellence. I'm 300% sold with Avalon. I'm ordering the Vt-747sp!!

    ~Archie D., NY

  • The AD2022 is clean, but with BIG BALLS - it's very big sounding, but without the noise of some other pre amps I have used. (AD2022)

    ~Jim S., CA

  • I'm rediscovering my mic collection with the AD2022! The impedance selection is extremely effective! (AD2022)

    ~John L., CA

  • Thank you for your reply. I appreciate the fact that your support is as good as your products. Thanks again!

    ~Walt S., CA

  • The M5 is amazing!

    ~Donald J., NY

  • Great compressor! (AD2044)

    ~Jerry K., CA

  • Thanks for the fine design and execution that should characterize all pro audio gear. (AD2055)

    ~Bob L., CA

  • Sweet, warm and beautiful. (Vt-737sp)

    ~Arthur M., NY

  • Extreme client demand. (AD2044)

    ~Chris D., NY

  • This is my favorite recording gear! (Vt-737sp)

    ~Tom T., OH

  • Looks and sounds great! (AD2044)

    ~Bell Sound, CA

  • Sweetest top end I've ever heard in an EQ!

    ~Rick S., CA

  • I can hear the music now! (Vt-737sp)

    ~David M., Australia

  • We love our AD2055 EQ!

    ~Doug M., IL

  • Beautiful design! (AD2044)

    ~Nick W., Japan

  • Excellent clarity! Espcially on vocals and trumpet. (Vt-737sp)

    ~Don W., L.A.

  • The M5 is *!@*!?* incredible!

    ~Mike M., TN

  • Great tools! Thanks for making them. (Vt-737sp)

    ~Rick B., OH

  • Best stereo buss EQ around!! Thank you! (AD2055)

    ~Greg M., Chicago

  • Awesome! (M5)

    ~Schleigho, N.Y.

  • First and foremost is the Avalon 2055EQ. In my opinion it's the best stereo EQ on the market. Possibly the best ever made. I like it because it has a very natural, musical sound. Particularly noticeable are the clear open high frequencies and warm lows. I use it on whatever is most important in the mix. Sometimes it's the lead vocal, sometimes the mix buss itself. It has saved a lot of records.

    Next for me is the 737SP mic preamp, line level, compressor and EQ. It's also the best all in one box on the market. It has similar qualities to the 2055EQ. The compression is smooth and musical, particularly good when using low ratios like 2:1 and 3:1. I always use this in combination with a Sony C800G Microphone when cutting vocals and I have gotten numerous compliments. This box has also saved a lot of records. When mixing I use the 737SP on lead and/or background vocals mostly. I am often asked by producers about gear. The one box I tell them to get above all the rest (and first) is the 737SP because of its flexibility and great sound.

    The 2044 Compressor is one of my favorites for Acoustic Piano, stereo background vocals and also the mix buss. Once again, this is one of the most transparent compressors ever.

    ~Rob C., L.A.

  • I've never heard a kick drum sound so clear and deep! Amazing! (AD2022)

    ~Brad J., CA

  • This thing is the bomb! (737sp)

    ~Daniel Votino

  • Thank you for taking care of me concerning my 737sp. I currently have five Avalon products and I love them all. They are quality build and they sound great and look great. If a recording studio really wants to please their clients, they should purchase as many Avalon's as they can; the end result is happy customers. ~MOUNTAIN IMAGES RECORDING

    ~Owner: Jerry Kasing

  • Hi! We are a Sandinavian based production team currently involved in producing several acts for Universal Music Norway, WEA in Germany and Bonnier Music Scandinavia. We have been using the 737 for a few years and have recently purchased the 747, and we love it!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work! Best regards from Aanestad Productions Oslo, Norway

    ~Aanestad Productions

  • "Ungodly, awesome, DA BOMB!" Vt 737SP

    ~Ian C., PA

  • "Wow! Worth the wait. This thing sounds amazing!" VT 737SP

    ~Robert S., NY

  • "Hot piece, love it!" VT 737SP

    ~Robert M., NY

  • "Best investment I've made. Like My Gibson J200, smooth, warm and open. Thanks!" VT 737SP

    ~Andrew R., Australia

  • "So smooth, so quiet, so clean, so nice." VT 737SP

    ~JK L., NC

  • "Great unit!" VT 747SP

    ~Michael H., MI

  • "The cream always rises! LUV is what you put into to VT 737SP and LOVE is what cums out." VT737SP

    ~Michael H., MI

  • "The cream always rises! LUV is what you put into to VT 737SP and LOVE is what cums out." VT737SP

    ~Sherman E., NY

  • "Natural, groovy baby!" VT 737SP

    ~Renato P., NY

  • "Great! Love the sound!" AD2077

    ~Bob H., CA

  • "The VT 747SP is a brilliant and innovative design with an incredible compressor and sweet no-nonsense EQ. With TSP engaged mixes are fat and rich with harmonics. The VT 747SP is very versatile and is an awesome finishing processor across the stereo buss during mixdown. I also plan to use it during direct to tape recording of stereo keyboards and for project studio mastering. It has a unique and distinctive sound and looks great too." VT 747SP

    ~Dale P., CA

  • "Dude...15Hz...hurts good! Our sound immediately went First Class with the VT-737SP and the VT-747SP. The FATTEST bottom and cleanest top we've ever heard. We were looking to step up our sound for our second album, and the VT-737SP and VT-747SP provided the answer!"

    ~The Crystal Method

  • "Beautiful sound, flexibility, and features, I love it!" (VT-747SP)

    ~Carmen G., CA

  • "Great gear! Thanks!" (VT-737SP)

    ~Lincoln A., CA

  • "It's butter!" (VT-747SP)

    ~Michael K. GA.

  • "Thanks for a genius product!" (VT-737SP)

    ~ Bruce A., CA.

  • "Wow!! Thanks guys!" (VT-747SP)

    ~Gabriel G., N.Y.

  • "I also own a VT-737SP. I love both! Keep it up!!" (U5)

    ~Clarke R., AZ.

  • "I own two VT-737SP's and one VT-747SP. The perfect blend of sweetness and class. Passive EQ rules! The compressor is both earth and air!" (VT-737SP)

    ~Brendon M., FL.

  • "I love it!" (VT-737SP)

    ~Kenny K., CA

  • "Stunning performance at a reasonable price." (VT-737SP)

    ~Larry M., WA.

  • "The Emily Lazar [magazine ad] was a good move guys!!!" (VT-737SP)

    ~James J., IL.

  • "Hot piece, love it!"

    ~Robert M., N.Y.

  • "The Avalon VT-737SP is Peerless!

    I just finished recording & mixing my new rock album, soon to be released using the VT-737 SP in so many configurations with incredible results. Being a musician, engineer, producer & vocalist demanded that I seek out the finest, fully loaded 100% Discrete, Class-A, Vacuum Tube, High Voltage Pre-Amp, Opto-Compressor, 4-band Programmable sweep E.Q. unit with a -92db low noise floor, +30db headroom - and couldn't believe the VT-737SP had it all spades in one complete unit!

    It's profound versatility for recording various instruments, vocals and mixing applications is unsurpassed for high quality, effectiveness, warmth, depth, range and dynamic subtlety. Moreover, I had subjugated myself to a scrutinous A/B'ing test comparing a host of other competitive units which they proved underachieving to the world class Avalon line.

    For anyone with serious recording and musical taste, it is THE sexy showpiece for any studio. I know it will turn you on. I've been there. Avalon rules!"

    ~Black S. L.A.

  • "I just bought a brand spanking new VT-7373SP and I think I'm in love!! What a great unit!!"

    ~Cy N. Trenton, NJ

  • "I have a 737SP. The best vocal sound I have ever heard. The vocal tracks are fat and in your face. I have used everything, Neves Focusrites, and there is nothing to compare."

    ~Larry R. Reseda, CA

  • "Just thought I would tell you how thoroughly IMPRESSES I am with the 737SP. I call it the "Mic Machine"...this unit makes such an incredible difference...congratualtions on making what will come to be a classic..."

    ~Steve B. Miami, FL

  • "I just wanted you to know that you guys make great front of house gear! I have a 747 across the buss mix on the house console and I love it! The 32k EQ really opens up the P.A. Thanks for the great gear, keep up the good work."

    ~Eric C. MO

  • "Wonderful!"

    ~Jim B. Saugerties, NY

  • "Very nice, incredibly clean, EQ is sweet!"

    ~Brendon M. Bonita Springs, FL

  • "Bravo!" (Vt737SP)

    ~Robert S. Macedonia, Europe

  • "We love your gear!"

    ~Encore Media Group, CO


  • "Your machine kicks ass!" (Vt 737SP)

    ~ Bill B., TX

  • "Great!" (Vt 737SP)

    ~ Kavin H. CO

  • "This thing rules!" (Vt 737SP)

    ~ Lee D. GA

  • "Mixing & the 737SP is proving to be an amazing outboard box for sax (tenor,alto ,sop) A B'd against trying to achieve similar end sound via myriad of Hard Disk Plug ins & O2R...the 737SP outstripped all other signal chains despite coming out of 2408 20 bit converters unbalanced... UUUU beaut." (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Lee D. GA

  • I love your product especially in my recent works for some albums for vocal tracking. The sound was amazing. I will place my order for a 747sp soon for my mastering works." (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Ed Y., Taiwan

  • "Let me commend Avalon Design for being a truly service oriented company that seems to really care about its customers' satisfaction with its product. As I try to do in my own business, quality control is paramount. We service radio and television stations around the world. However from time to time, especially when there are third parties involved (tube manufacturers for you... equipment malfunctions for me) there are times when the product might have a flaw that we're unaware of. Some audio manufacturers that I have dealt with seem not to be concerned, and refer to a myriad of stop-gap people who are really no more than salesmen.

    As a pro-audio consumer I feel that I'm making a statement about the final product that I produced by purchasing items like the Vt-737SP... this should say a lot about my commitment to my product. The fact that you folks took the time to listen to a problem and then act on it in such a professional and expedient manner is refreshing and most unusual indeed.

    Not only is the Avalon product a winner, your staff and tech people should get a hearty thanks from a truly satisfied customer... one who will pass the word to my peers about a truly remarkable company."

    ~ Jeff G., NC

  • Hello Avalon Design, I rarely feel the need to send out e-mail to equipment manufacturers, but this warrants an exception. This is a true story!.

    After purchasing the 737sp, I brought the unit, still in it's box, with me to a local recording studio (Future Rhythms) where I happened to be in mid-production on an album by a band called "Marble". I figured that this would be a good opportunity to test the unit, as I needed to record some lead vocal tracks. I set up the output of a Shure KSM-32 directly into the 737sp and from there directly into an Otari 24 track 2" machine with Dolby SR. Initially, the studio owner and I were both intrigued by the design and "feel" of the unit (extremely solid)

    Here is the real kicker though!:  When we actually started tracking vocals, we listened for a bit... then we both sort of looked at each other blankly... then looked at the unit questioningly... Yes - it seemed to be working - the needle was moving occasionally. Hmmm . . . The unit was set to 3:1 compression, so I bumped it up to 5:1 compression. We listened some more.... still... we both looked at each other blankly... then looked back at the unit questioningly... At this point the studio owner (who own TONS of world class outboard gear) said "Maybe it's in BYPASS mode, or something". I looked at the unit closely.... No...the compressor "IN" button was definitely engaged.....and the needle is now moving all over the place.  WOW!!  The point is that we didn't even notice any compression taking place - it was ABSOLUTELY TRANSPARENT!  We both starting laughing with disbelief and the studio owner said "Man, you know you're a gear slut when a piece of equipment gives you a woody!!"

    I just had to tell you that little story! When I first heard about the 737, I thought it was a little pricey. I now hold a much different opinion - and that is simply that you can't place a price on perfection. Finally, I want to thank you so much for adhering to such high standards.  In an industry saturated with mediocre "pro" equipment, this unit is like a breath of fresh air (and that is exactly what it sounds like, come to think of it!).

    ~ Christopher B., CA

  • "The 737's are the love of my life."

    ~ Quentin, SA

  • "The 737'sWhat an incredible unit. The EQ and compressor are unbelievable!"

    ~ Trey B., NM

  • "I sold a more expensive preamp/comp/EQ to buy two Vt-737SP units and have never had one moment of regret.  I use the preamps almost daily and can no longer envision recording without them."   (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Kyle H., AZ

  • "Got a pair of Avalon U5's! They may not be cheap but damn they do sound incredible on instruments, synths and samples." (U5)

    ~ Bob J., CA

  • We love the Avalon!" (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Erin H., NY

  • The editor reviewing the unit loved it so much, he bought it." (Vt-747SP)

    ~ Mick W., Australia

  • "Aside from the sonic quality of the unit, I feel I must tell you that your Vt-737SP is one of the sexiest, coolest, pieces of gear that I have ever seen!!! ... with an electric guitar plugged straight into the front, the compressor is lovely and EQ subtle and warm, when directed toward vocals the EQ is gentle and the compressor provides a solution to poor dynamic control as well as a smooth squash (if desired). I would immediately recommend this unit to anyone. Please feel free to quote me." (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Harrison O., UK

  • "Great Gear! Keep it coming!" (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Kate S., MA

  • "I love this thing!" (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Anthony R., MA

  • "Killer piece of gear!"(U5)

    ~ Steve S., WA

  • "Tube-tube-tubey. Thanks. Sounds great."(Vt-737)

    ~ Robert S., CA

  • "Yummy."(Vt-737)

    ~ Bob R., MA

  • "I love the sound of your gear." (Vt-737)

    ~ Jason S., CA

  • "I'm delighted with my unit - amazing resolution." (Vt-737)

    ~ Martin F., WA

  • "Piece of equipment worth every dime!" (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Charles B., FL

  • "Best bass direct box I've ever heard!" (U5)

    ~ Michael Y., CA

  • "Thank you for your time on the phone. I think I have a better understanding of the work you do and now regret asking for a lower price."(AD2055)

    ~ Michael M., CA

  • "Holds sound together, and EQ brings out the frequencies you're after - great tool."(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Boyd W., Australia

  • "Love it! I want more." (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Travis W., TN

  • "Your products are the best audio pieces made!" (Vt-747SP)

    ~ Glenn T., NC

  • "Love it!" (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Joe G., CA

  • "Thanks for such a great product!" (Vt-747SP)

    ~ Greg Y., CA

  • "The best!" (Vt-747SP)

    ~ Ari M., MA

  • "This thing is awesome!" (Vt-747SP)

    ~ Charles J., IL

  • "Sounds great! Very happy with the unit." (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Robert M., AZ

  • "I love this unit . Will have others soon." (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Paul M., IN

  • "This Box Rocks!" (U5)

    ~ Mike L., TN

  • "Gave spectacular results on bass. Great box!" (U5)

    ~ Jon M., UK

  • "Awesome!"(Vt-737)

    ~ Emily L., NY

  • "The Vt-737 is a wonderful unit."(Vt-737)

    ~ Kenneth L., NC

  • "We like the knobs. They go well with our purple lava lamp."(Vt-737)

    ~ LL, Canada

  • "Great sounding product!"(Vt-737)

    ~ Tom M., CA

  • "Muy buen producto, y me gusta mucho."(Vt-737)

    ~ Josue M., CA

  • "A wonderful direct box."(Vt-737)

    ~ Lamont D., CA

  • "Lovely!"(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Kenny E., CA

  • "It sounds great!" (Vt-737)

    ~ Eduardo V., Brazil

  • "It's a complete bargain."(U5)

    ~ Peter M., NY

  • "Awesome!"(Vt-737)

    ~ Claude M., MO

  • "Great sonic capabilities with flexible applications for big and little guys."(Vt-737SP)

    David M., MA

  • "All around great sounding gear!"(Vt-737SP)

    ~ John H., TN

  • "Love yer work!!"(M2 MkII)

    ~ Jon K., CA

  • "Best box of this type!"(U5)

    ~ Ron C., CA

  • "Very satisfied with the Vt-737SP. Excellent product."(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Toma G., CA

  • "This is the cleanest most natural sounding equipment we have used or heard."(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Fred S., GA

  • "A welcomed addition to this studio. I hope to get another one."(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Don F., CA

  • "Could I have one more please?!"(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Tim S., TX

  • "The best DI; and I tested ALL of them."(U5)

    ~ Roy B., CA

  • "Love it!"(Vt-737)

    ~ Don R., OR

  • "I'd love to have a wall of your gear. For now, this and my U5 are wonderful!!"(Vt-737)

    ~ Blackstar Studio, FL

  • "Killer!"(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Joe B., MI

  • "A great sounding mic pre/EQ. I'm impressed!"(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Paul C., NY

  • "The best. I can't wait to get another."(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Tom C., CA

  • "It's great! I love it!"(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Eddy M., FL

  • "Avalon products put my studio in the big leagues."(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Craig S., PA

  • "Amazing product."(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Mike K., CA

  • "Excellent - clean and warm."(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Bart S., WA

  • "Best mic channel ever!"(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Richard G., UK

  • "Sounds great!"(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Todd C., CA

  • "Excellent tube sound. I bought two for the studio, and the look cool too."(Vt-737)

    ~ Phillip B., CA

  • "What's not to like? I love it of course."(U5)

    ~ Bruce B., MA

  • "Awesome!"(Vt-737SM)

    ~ Norbert Nix, TN

  • "Great sound!"(Vt-737)

    ~ Mike D., TN

  • "Amazing, holmes."(Vt-737)

    ~ Oscar F., Spain

  • "Amazing sound. Funky looks. Great!"(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Barry D., Ireland

  • "It is a great device. Everyone loves it!"(U5)

    ~ Eagles Nest Studio, CO

  • "Love your product."(Vt-737)

    ~ Daniel D., FL

  • "Love it."(U5)

    ~ Thomas D., NV

  • "It is truly an amazing little box - we love it!" (U5)

    ~ Eddie K., CO

  • "Love the box!!"(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Noel, Australia

  • "Superb EQ!"(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Stephan N., Belgium

  • "Wow! The matched pair are unreal!"(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Mark F., OH

  • "Dope." (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Johnathon E., CA

  • "Incredible unit!"(U5)

    ~ Michael R., CA

  • "It is the most amazing DI for bass I've heard!"(U5)

    ~ David I., CA

  • "Very high quality audio. Cool filters." (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Craig H., IL

  • "Wonderful sound, excellent manufacturer support." (Vt-737)

    ~ Michael H., VA

  • "Sounds Great!" (Vt-737)

    ~ David H., NY

  • "Love it!"(Vt-737)

    ~ John G., NY

  • "Very, very good!!"(AD2044)

    ~ John G., CA

  • "I love this unit!" (Vt-737)

    ~ Greg G., NY

  • "Love it." (Vt-737)

    ~ Bob G., NY

  • "Sounds great!! Clear and punchy."(U5)

    ~ David H., VA

  • "Came highly recommended, and for good reason."(Vt-737)

    ~ Billy G., CA

  • "Very clean sounding. Incredible depth and richness." (U5)

    ~ Joe G., CA

  • "Great EQ!"(AD2055)

    ~ Jerry K., CA

  • "It rocks! Awesome sound. Detail, punch, clean! And the construction"(U5)

    ~ Andre K., CA

  • "Fantastic!" (AD2044)

    ~ Thom K., GA

  • "Great looks. Great sound."(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Jerry K., PA

  • "Sounds great!"(M5)

    ~ Jerry K., PA

  • "This unit is beautiful looking."(Vt-737)

    ~ Steve J., CA

  • "These are great in stereo pairs!"(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Wayne J., CA

  • "Awesome package."(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Richard R., NJ

  • "As good as the mic pre and compressor are, it's the EQ that got me!"(Vt-737SP)

    ~ Randy P., OH

  • "Wonderful preamps."(M5)

    ~ Kip M., KY

  • "I love it. Great piece. Best vocal sound I have ever had!"(M5)

    ~ Larry R., CA

  • "It kicks ass!" (Vt-737SP)

    ~ Maria O., NY

  • "Superior piece of gear. I have totally replaced my rack with this. Thank you." (U5)

    ~ Stephen M., TN

  • "Please stay in the business!" (AD2055)

    ~ Donald N., TN

  • "I think that your products are excellent and I would love to be endorsed by you."(AD2055)

    ~ Dextor S., NY

  • "My second. Great unit and worth much more than the price."(AD2055)

  • (Vt-737)

    ~ Ken S., WA

  • "Genius!" (Vt-737)

    ~ Darian S., CA


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