Q: Is the microphone preamplifier in the Vt-737sp the same as the AD2022 or M5?
A: No.

The Vt-737sp and the AD2022/M5 are very different microphone preamplifiers. The Vt-737sp incorporates vacuum tubes while the AD2022/M5 are 100% discrete transistor based solid state electronics (no vacuum tubes). The AD2022 and M5 employ the same basic amplifier topologies. The AD2022 includes a fully balanced output and variable input impedance selection for changing the sound of all microphones. All Avalon microphone preamplifiers run in "Pure Class A" mode and use only discrete electronics for amplification. Tube preamplifiers, offer a very different sound in comparison to solid state preamplifiers.

Avalon's designer Wynton R. Morro believes that tubes achieve a very unique and wonderful sound. The AD2022/M5 are higher quality microphone preamplifier than the Vt-737sp. The AD2022/M5 has more detailed highs, better low-end definition, and is much quieter.

The sonic differences between the Vt-737sp and the AD2022/M5 can be compared to a spotlight (Vt-737sp) and a flood light (AD2022/M5). The Vt-737sp has a "close-up" round sound while the AD2022 is very detailed and open, capturing more of the subtle sub-harmonics and reflections in the room.

Now, all of the Vt-737sp owners might be thinking that they may have bought the wrong preamp. On the contrary, the Vt-737sp is a fabulous unit. It was the first and still is the best "Direct Recording Channel" or "Channel Strip" on the market for any price - bar none.

The Vt-737sp was specifically designed as a tube preamp and has the unique sound that only tubes can deliver. The Vt-737sp has the most clarity, transparency, power, control of any tube preamp available. The Vt-737sp is a Swiss army pocket knife for recording and has the necessary, high performance, functions to handle all your real-world recording demands: preamplifier, compressor and parametric equalizer.

Should you trade in your Vt-737sp for an AD2022/M5? No, but you might need both preamps in your preamplifier collection. Try both preamps and experience for yourself the difference in the sound.


vacuum tube, Class A
AD2022 & M5
100% solid state, Pure Class A
Topology Pure Class A Vacuum tube mic and instrument preamp, tube opto-compressor, 100% discrete parametric EQ. Pure Class A 100% discrete solid state mic and instrument preamplifier only.

Unique Features Mono Fully Variable tube opto compressor, four-band 100% discrete parametric EQ, built-in side chain, easy to use link jack for stereo operation. Dual mono, input impedance selection, unbalanced and balanced output with +36dB headroom, separate chassis holds power transformer (B2t) for extreme low noise - 126dBu.

Sonic Character Round warm sound, EQ delivers smooth highs - deep powerful lows, musically balanced with good "presence". Deep and extended sound stage, liquid midrange, with extreme bass control with high definition, and smooth highs.


Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, electronic sythesizers. Any instruments that require a smooth tube sound. Need to utilize compressor and EQ. Can be used as a compressor / equalizer for mix-down and mastering.The swiss army pocket knife for all recording.

Vocals, guitars, piano, drums, direct bass, keyboards, and synths. Delivers transparency with deep bass control and detailed highs. Breathtaking when used in conjunction with AD2044 dual mono compressor and AD2055 dual mono music equalizer or our VT-747sp Tube/SS compressor equalizer.

Users Christina Aguilara, Orgy, Motley Crue, Snoop Dogg, Bob Dylan, The Crystal Method, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Puff Daddy, Crazy Town, AC/DC. Disney Productions. Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Abby Road, Babyface, Alanis Morrisette, Stevie Wonder, Don Henley, Hit Factory, Blue man Group, Chung King Studios, Mariah Carey, Keb'Mo.


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