Avalon Story Contest Winners

Thank you all for your overwhelming response to our first contest. Your letters were so heart warming, creative, entertaining and flattering that it made our decision to choose just one winner impossible... So we decided to award four winners in three categories.

First prize - Vt-737sp Vacuum Tube Channel (two winners tied)
Second prize - M5 Mono Pure Class A Preamplifier
Third prize - U5 Mono Pure Class A Direct Box

Winner #1: Joel C. of New York City wins a Vt-737sp

Here's his Avalon Story...

Recently I recorded a singer who has been a fixture of the jazz world for five decades. Due to health problems he had refrained from performing and recording for the last few years. As we began, he seemed remote and gloomy. I asked if everything was all right and he replied that he did not like the sound he was hearing in his headphones. Remembering that a friend who lived nearby had purchased an Avalon Vt-737sp for his home studio and had been raving about it, I called him and asked if he could bring it over.

Fifteen minutes later we had a vocal sound so intimate and smooth that the singer was transformed. In his deep purr he exclaimed, "now THAT's what I sound like!" and we embarked on one of the most memorable sessions of my life. I bought a Vt-737sp the following day.

Thank you.

Winner #2: Ernest B. of Brooklyn, New York wins a Vt-737sp

Here's his Avalon Story...

Here's my true story:
When I first received the Avalon VT 737sp my wife asked me, "What exactly is it and what does it do?" So I began the unsuccessful attempt to explain the "warm, open, & round sounding mic pre" as well as the "transparent compressor" and the "airy" EQ. She looked at me confusingly, trying to comprehend my vain attempts to explain the Divine. After installing the 737 in my rack I turned it on and she responded, "It sure is a beautiful piece." For a beautiful woman such as my wife to make such a statement, it must be true!

Fast forward 6 months: Two weeks ago I decided to re-record some old vocal tracks from my band's CD which were recorded on the inexpensive, yet still nice sounding APHEX 107 Tubessence mic pre. I saved my old tracks so I could compare just in case I wasn't happy with the results. (Now I realize how crazy that must sound.) Anyway, not only did the vocals become alive, they sounded so much better, my wife once again came into the studio and said, "You have to record all the vocals over." So now, thanks to Avalon, I`m (happily) working on old vocals. Yes, the band's CD will be out later than expected but I`m not complaining.

So if a happy and impressed wife doesn't make me a instant winner, what does?


Winner #3: Jace S. of Studio City, California wins an M5

Here's his Avalon Story...

Dear Avalon,
Last year I made the big leap and opened my own digital recording studio. Over the years I have had the privilege of working and recording with some amazing artists such as John Gass, (producer/engineer) Richie Sambora, (Bon Jovi) Davey Johnstone, (Elton John) Guy Babylon to name a few.

Now I have always considered my self a good engineer and very capable in the recording studio. After opening my studio and recording my first sessions I was extremely disappointed in the sound I was getting. Something was missing. My recordings sounded like good demos - not mastered Records (CD's). I was doing everything right. After all I had learned from the best! Still I was not getting the sound I wanted - "That sound you hear on great records". I thought I might be losing it and just not the engineer I thought I was?

Then it happened. I was turned on to the Avalon M5 ! After plugging a microphone (AKG 414) into the M5. I kid you not, it sounded like someone took a blanket off the speakers, and the vocalist's tone and clarity improved 50%, NEVER have I heard such dramatic results in my life! I couldn't stop smiling. I then plugged in a Fender P bass played by (Harvey Lane) and went direct to hard disk. Again I was blown away. There was that deep clear bass sound instantly. That same sound I used to work very long and hard to get. It was a wonderful feeling having a studio musician tell me " thatŐs a killer sound, you have to tell me how you got that".

The bottom line is, the M5 does what it says! It makes things sound great! I take that back, It makes great sounds possible to record the way they were meant to sound. I like to call it my Clone Machine, what I hear in front of me, I now hear on the hard disk, sometimes even better!
Thank you Avalon for a product so fine that it made me write this letter. A user for life.

Jace S.


Winner #4: Dave O. of British Columbia, Canada wins a U5

Here's his Avalon Story...

Dear Avalon,
Born in 1961, I was given a name that would become famous worldwide. Graceful curves, an alluring neck, and a compelling voice lead to a demanding schedule as a performer. However, in my 40th year it seemed that the wear and tear on my voice had taken its toll, as I was given less and less opportunity to sing. But, how could I, with such fame, be rejected in this way? With a deflated ego and on the brink of suicide I was given a final make or break opportunity to sing. But this time I was asked to do so through an Avalon U5 direct box. Wow! The engineer lavished praises about how wonderful my voice sounded and how nicely it sat in the track. Since that day, with my Avalon U5 as my constant companion, my career has been resurrected.
Thanks Avalon, I can truly say you saved my life!

1961 Fender Precision Bass

Note from the Author: I always took the Precision to my sessions, but for some reason producers and engineers did not like its sound. It started happening so often, that I was contemplating selling the bass. However, one engineer had me try it through his Avalon U5. I was so impressed by the tone that I bought one for myself the next day.

Dave O.


A word from Avalon about this competition:

For those of you who sent us your fabulous stories, you will be entered into our NAMM special drawing, to be announced in Anaheim California, January 2002.

We will include many of the more entertaining Avalon Stories in future issues of the Avalon Times. The next Newsletter will be posted on our website in October. Stay tuned, we have some really exciting news!

Closing comment from the designer and President of Avalon:

Having read these letters, email's and faxes, I have realized my initial dream to produce simple and intuitively designed products with sonic excellence that inspire great performances from working professionals and home studio's alike. Avalon will continue to stay focussed on the highest priority of all - the art of your music recording.

I have always emphasized the quality of our products above advertising and marketing hype. Many competitions, and awards are not what they appear - winner's receive gift certificates, discount coupons etc... We give away what's most important to us, our product.

Because our advertising budget is much less than many of our competitors, we invest our marketing dollars in research and development of new products and customer service. Our real-world roots go deep into our love of music.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. Myself and my partners at Avalon look forward to working with you.

Yours Sincerely,

Wynton R. Morro
Avalon Industries, Inc.


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