Recording/Mixing Engineer Anne Catalino
Using Vt-737sp for Vocals

Recording/Mixing Engineer Anne Catalino recently returned from the Hit Factory in Miami where she recorded vocals for American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. Anne used the Avalon Vt-737sp microphone preamplifier-compressor-equalizer for recording Kelly's vocal track.

Anne uses the Vt-737sp exclusively for recording vocals. "The Vt-737sp is a wonderful preamplifier. It has tons of headroom and clarity. I use it on every vocal track that I record."

Anne has used the Vt-737sp for recording vocals for O Town, Blu Cantrell, Tamia, and many others.

The above collage was created from a few pictures taken while Anne was in San Clemente visiting the Avalon Factory last month. Anne helped Avalon's Brad Zell with his mix and had a little fun playing the Fender Rhodes in our live room.


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